What Does Color Scheme Mean? Why Is It Important?


Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Color Schemes
Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Color Schemes

Color schemes are very valuable when trying to express yourself in a harmonious painting.  There are a variety of these found on the triadic color wheel.

  • Primary Color Scheme:  Red, Yellow, and Blue.  You can use primaries to neutralize a color or side by side to make a statement.
  • Secondary Color Scheme:  Orange, Green, and Violate. These adapt well with landscapes.  In your different color scheme use, allow one color to be dominant.  With greens and orange, you can see how this would be perfect for your nature scenes.
  • Tertiary Color Schemes: (1) Yellow-Green, Blue-Violet, and Red-Orange; or (2) Yellow-Orange, Red-Violet, and Blue-Green.  As with the other color schemes, one of the colors should be dominant.

There are many other color schemes and we’ll take those up in another blog.  The important thing is just keep experimenting with your colors and enjoy the results.


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