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Review of Five of Most Popular Posts

Who and What Inspired Wassily Kandinsky? Wassily Kandinsky was a brilliant, well educated student of life. In 1896, at the age of 30, he was pursuing a promising career as a law and economics instructor. Fortunately for the world of … Continue reading

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Trail of Tears Saga: Anguished Spirit

So, I awakened a few months ago, and was dreaming of a most unusual event in history. It really happened, and was known as the “great removal”. A scourge in the annals of American history.  It was also known as … Continue reading

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An Artist’s Path to Simplicity is Wrought With Complications

An artist’s path to simplicity is often wrought with complications. The more I try to think of an interesting and simple composition, the more it trends toward a complicated one. Usually, these become quick sketches set aside to become a … Continue reading

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Art Tip: Compositional Choices Using the Flow of Shapes

A picture plane has activity. The compositional choices using the flow of shapes you select to paint is more than likely the most important feature you, as an artist, can create on your painting. It becomes the over riding theme … Continue reading

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