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Necessary Reference Books For Drawing The Human Figures

Over the years when I drew or painted the human figure, I referred to books I had on the shelf. I still do this. It was especially necessary when I recently took on the assignment of drawing panels to be … Continue reading

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Review of Five of Most Popular Posts

Who and What Inspired Wassily Kandinsky? Wassily Kandinsky was a brilliant, well educated student of life. In 1896, at the age of 30, he was pursuing a promising career as a law and economics instructor. Fortunately for the world of … Continue reading

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Trail of Tears Saga: Anguished Spirit

So, I awakened a few months ago, and was dreaming of a most unusual event in history. It really happened, and was known as the “great removal”. A scourge in the annals of American history.  It was also known as … Continue reading

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Abstract Art – What is it?

The world of art went through fundamental changes in terms of style toward the end of the nineteenth century. Trying to mirror reality or capturing a moment in time was no longer the purpose of art. The brush strokes, marks, … Continue reading

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Art Takes Much More Than Paint, Brushes, and Substrates

Art takes much more than paint, brushes, and substrates. I usually paint the composition constantly in my mind, letting it mull over, before pencil or paint sketching. I then attempt pencil sketching the first composition, and as usual, it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Nature’s Communication With Artists

For the artist, communication with nature remains the essential condition. The artist is human; himself nature; part of nature within natural space~Paul Klee If an artist develops an attitude to the natural world of attentively having a modest view of … Continue reading

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Art Questions Answered By Artist Brothers, Lynn and R.D. Burton

A member of our staff at Art Center Information caught up with artist brothers, Lynn and R.D.Burton, yesterday, and they were kind enough to answer a few questions that some of our readers have asked. Art Center Information: What tips … Continue reading

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