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The Soup Can School of Art: A Brief History

In the spring of 1961, art dealers in New York City began promoting the Soup Can school of art (POP ART) as being different from Abstract Expressionism. The movement sharply returned to recognizable subject matter, veering away from Abstract Art. … Continue reading

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Review of Five of Most Popular Posts

Who and What Inspired Wassily Kandinsky? Wassily Kandinsky was a brilliant, well educated student of life. In 1896, at the age of 30, he was pursuing a promising career as a law and economics instructor. Fortunately for the world of … Continue reading

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The Impressionists Changed the World

The term “Impressionism” comes from the title of Claude Monet’s painting Impression, soleil levant (Interpreted: Impression, Sunrise. The painting was exhibited in 1874, and changed the world for artists. Monet had painted the painting before nature outside of the studio … Continue reading

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Art Tip of The Day: Create and Utilize Harmonious Grays

The viewer of a piece of art work needs a place to rest their eye’s, especially if their are too many overwhelming vibrant colors. Many master artists are aware of this and plan, create and utilize harmonious grays within their … Continue reading

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Art Tips and Blogposts Revisited

We have selected blog posts and art tips that we feel are worthy of a revisit. They have been very popular. If you see an article that you may have missed or like to revisit, the small picture next to … Continue reading

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