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Review of Five of Most Popular Posts

Who and What Inspired Wassily Kandinsky? Wassily Kandinsky was a brilliant, well educated student of life. In 1896, at the age of 30, he was pursuing a promising career as a law and economics instructor. Fortunately for the world of … Continue reading

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Original Americans, Indians, and the Trail of Tears – Painting in Progress

The painting I most recently finished began as a practice painting for a portion of a work in progress, Anguished Spirit (Trail of Tears). I drew the composition in full size some weeks back, and decided to paint the lower … Continue reading

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Art Takes Much More Than Paint, Brushes, and Substrates

Art takes much more than paint, brushes, and substrates. I usually paint the composition constantly in my mind, letting it mull over, before pencil or paint sketching. I then attempt pencil sketching the first composition, and as usual, it doesn’t … Continue reading

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The Importance of Making Practice Paintings For The Final Work

I recently posted a blog discussing the different steps I use to finish a painting. By using the steps, it often ends by producing more than one complete work of art for sale. This is the  importance of making practice … Continue reading

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Tip: The Importance of Dark Strokes Against a White Substrate

I’ve always been impressed by the fresh and crisp look of a well executed pen and ink. Artist who  master this type of art, whether they use crosshatching, dots, horizontal or vertical, continuous line or curved strokes, or a combination … Continue reading

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Using Tonal Value in Graphite Drawings and Sketches

I’ve always been concerned about mastering tone when it came to graphite sketches and drawings. I have to constantly keep in mind the distinction between the “form” and the “field”. The “form” is the object, and the “field” is the … Continue reading

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