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Historic Artists Should do Their Homework

When an artist decides to paint or draw a historic composition, they should do their homework. I have been working on a series of compositions representing the Cherokee Indians during the period of Jackson’s Removal, or, better known as The … Continue reading

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Original Americans, Indians, and the Trail of Tears – Painting in Progress

The painting I most recently finished began as a practice painting for a portion of a work in progress, Anguished Spirit (Trail of Tears). I drew the composition in full size some weeks back, and decided to paint the lower … Continue reading

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Tip: Under Painting Shadow

When under painting¬† shadow, I like to consider the shaded area and lay up a wash of Cobalt Blue or Ultramarine Blue in them, especially when painting people. In this particular painting a Cobalt Blue for the shaded area will … Continue reading

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Using Tonal Value in Graphite Drawings and Sketches

I’ve always been concerned about mastering tone when it came to graphite sketches and drawings. I have to constantly keep in mind the distinction between the “form” and the “field”. The “form” is the object, and the “field” is the … Continue reading

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The Post-Impressionists

  Paul Cezanne: Design and shape were the features in which Cezanne approached his paintings.¬† He was the central figure for the Post-Impressionists, and his work influenced the rest of the group.He was more focused on showing the volume and … Continue reading

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