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Abstract Art – What is it?

The world of art went through fundamental changes in terms of style toward the end of the nineteenth century. Trying to mirror reality or capturing a moment in time was no longer the purpose of art. The brush strokes, marks, … Continue reading

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The Art Scale Goes From Here to There

Although artist, Richard Burton, tends toward realism, realism is not his goal, as you can see in the segment of The Old Woodie (at the left). It is easy for you the viewer to see that it is a painting … Continue reading

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Footprints of Art Movements

The art movement that contributed more to abstract art was Expressionism. Although the term Abstract Expressionism was used during the 1920s, it wasn’t until the 1940s and 1950s that it truly matured into a robust art movement. There were many … Continue reading

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Wassily Kandinsky – Painting Needs No Other Subject Matter Than Itself

For your art information, we present a few notes about Constructivism. The Constructivists declared art must be free of subject matter. Kazimer Malevich, with his “Black Square on a White Field” and his famous “White on White” painting probably sounded … Continue reading

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